About Us

Build A Competitive Advantage With Value Outsourcing Solutions.

The security, flexibility and quality you need to optimize storage, assembly and distribution. Manufacturers and distributors throughout the region are discovering the power of VOS to take the hassle, expense and tremendous risk out of storing, assembling and distributing products.

Indeed, in today’s highly competitive business climate, an exploding number of companies are turning to outsourcing as a simplified, more cost-effective avenue for storage, fulfillment and distribution.

VOS is leading the way, growing quickly from its inception in 1995 by providing manufacturers and distributors – including several Fortune 500 companies, among others – with a highly secure outsourcing alternative to running an expensive internal distribution and logistics operation.

A Logistics Network to Maximize Opportunities

At VOS, we leverage our resources with a national Network of Logistics, which ensures new opportunities for our customers, our partners, and our partners’ clients.

Maximum Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Most important of all, VOS actively develops strategies in alliance with its customers to provide production and distribution solutions to fit any need, providing significant cost-savings throughout the entire process.

See For Yourself

Call now to schedule a short visit to VOS. One look at our facilities will assure you that you simply cannot find a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution for any of your storage, assembly or distribution needs. And we’re ready to show you why.